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New gadget

Some of you know that I have a little widget to scan bar codes of snacks and drinks I buy when out and about. Well, every time I upload data from the scanner, I earn points I put towards stuff from their catalogue. It's kind of like virtual Green Shield Stamps for market research - you can learn more here

Anyhow, I've got my latest reward item, which is a paper shredder. It's made by Draper, who are better known for making tools, rather than office equipment, which might explain why the entire instructions/paperwork fit onto one side of a sheet of A5. The box boasts excitedly about its '3-postition switch'  (Oh, oh, how too-too thrilling !). The instructions, such as they are, only tell you about what two of the settings do. In any case, I've set about shredding a mass of old bank statements, and the blue wheelie appears to be full of hamster bedding. Lots more stuff I can shred (including, if I'm not careful, Diesel's tail), so am well pleased.

Busy day tomorrow, as I'll be at the Birdsedge Village Festival with Vikki and Helen. Hopefully, it won't be too wet. sadly, it seems that Barnsley Arabic Dance have had to pull out again, like last year. Still plenty going on. No doubt we'll be running the Hook a Duck and Ring a Frog stall in the afternoon.

Come along ! A splendid time is guaranteed for all !

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