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Well fancy that !

Given a random sampling of seven roleplayers, it was discovered that six of the seven had studied latin. This was, on average, over 20 years ago, so the groupbrain's grasp of the language is rather shaky these days.

It was a rather surprsing result, though I do know of someone who did Latin O level in order to get out of doing PE at school. Which tells you how much he hated PE.

I ended up doing latin more or less by accident, as I needed to find a 3rd subject to do in my first year at Uni. My initial choice was psychology, but I discovered that some of the lectures clashed with lectures in my degree subjects, so I couldn't do it. Latin was picked at the end of the afternoon, in some desperation, partly on the grounds that it might come in handy for the Ancient History course. We had a rather gentle tutor we nicknamed Penfold, as he resembled Dangermouse's assistant. One class was 9.00am on Friday, which naturally, as Arts students, we didn't care for much. The class of about 9 students evolved an informal rota of skipping that lecture. Most of the class would show up, but it was never the same one or two having a lie-in: we took turns.

I do recall a Rag T-shirt on sale in the old Union shop in the mid-80's. It had the logo: vedi, vici, veni.
But then, it was a Rag T-shirt.


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11th Jul, 2007 06:21 (UTC)
I did Latin at school. If it had got me out of PE, my pleasure would have been complete. I even took extra-curricular Japanese after school, but what can I say; I'm a language addict. [starts Russian classes this month]
11th Jul, 2007 13:51 (UTC)
'extra-curricular Japanese' - sounds like the kind of thing they *don't* usually teach at school

11th Jul, 2007 08:38 (UTC)
Shouldn't that be vidi, vici, veni?
11th Jul, 2007 13:53 (UTC)
I think I used the American spelling by mistake. I was mostly concerned with getting them in the correct order.


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