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8th Apr, 2007

Tired right now, but in a good cause. I spent the afternoon helping Iain and Vikki pack and move stuff. Steve, Helen, Matt and Ven were there as well, all of us putting stuff in boxes, shifting it to cars, and unpacking from cars to the new place. I think Vikki has some kind of compulsion to collect plastic containers. And they both hoard stuff.  Lots and lots of stuff. I never did find out why Vikki wanted to keep the tub full of chicken wishbones.

I got assigned to pack books from a small bookcase tucked in beside upturned sofa, as I'm the only one small enough to fit in the space. I also took down and wrapped their pictures, including the lovely print of Castleton I gave them as a wedding present.

I was ferried home by seven, absolutely shattered. Fed and mucked out cats, checked emails and lay down, napping for half an hour. Got changed and tidied up and was just finishing a 'New Home !' card when Iain and Vikki arrived to take me on to Steve and Helen's. There we had masses of lovely Chinese food - pork dumplings, lamb pancakes, lemon chicken, house special rice, orange chicken and more. Followed by chocolate tart and  ice-cream - excellent vanilla and a mango/lime variety that no one was very impressed with. Steve and Iain experimented with Manx whiskey.

Then home, via the new flat to drop off a couple more car-loads of stuff. It was about midnight when I got in. Had coffee and watched the Dr Who I'd taped from earlier. Very enjoyable Shakespeare nonsense, and I'm really beginning to like the new assistant, Martha. 

There may or may not be a scenario ready for tomorrow evening: kind of depends on how shattered I am. I know what the party's next mission is, but that's as far as I've got. We're kind of lacking in details...

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