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The Sound of Silence

When the house I live in was divided into flats, the water tanks for flat 2 ended up being built into the bedroom of flat 3: my flat.. They're boxed in, with no way of accessing them short of prying apart the hardboard panels.

So this morning, I noticed that one of the tanks was gurgling steadily. The fellow in flat 2 seemed to be running a tap. And it kept on gurgling. And on. He's generally out most of the day, being whatever post-graduate/research thing he does at the university. Well, there wasn't a lot I could do about it except hope that he hadn't left the plug in the sink or whatever, and that the water was just running straight down the plughole. Fortunately we don't have metered water here.

I went out about 4:15 in the afternoon, to get my hair cut before going to the pub. Returned from pub around 10pm, to find that bloke in flat 2 was still out, and indeed hadn't been home. Water tank was still gurgling merrily in my bedroom, about 2' from the end of my bed.The sound was driving me crazy, and I was worried it was going to keep me awake. After some dithering, I thought I might try Jane, who lives in flat 1. I'm not sure where the main stopcock for flat 2 is, but it might be in the cellarhead accessible from flat 1, or even in the kitchen of flat 1.

I'd just banged on her door when tenant of flat 2 arrived home. (He has an African name, which I cannot commit to memory for some reason). I told him must have left a tap on and he shot upstairs to investigate. Turned out he'd left a tap on in the bathroom sink, and luckily, he hadn't left the plug in, so no damage was done. He was rather embarrassed and apologetic, so I reassured him that he's not the only person to do something like that. 

When I went back up to my flat, the tank was silent. It was bliss.  

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