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Shambling in vain

We were scheduled to have a power cut here from 9.00 while midnight yesterday - well, it was a high likelihood, so I figured that should be taken as a certainty.

Not having much fresh food in the house, I decided to get take-away and have a quick potter around Jacksons (local supermarket). Turned out the Happy Housetake-away is closed till Monday, so I hd to find something in Jacksons. After browsing for a bit, I suddenly realized it was a quarter to nine. I had to get home in time to stick the ready-meal in the microwave and heat it up before the power went.

Well it would have been a brisk walk home, except my legs were playing up. So it ws more of a brisk shamble. Just about fast enough to stay ahead of the average zombie. Got in, waded through cats to get to the kitchen, all hot and bothered (me, not the cats). And when I get hot like that, my vision worsens, so I couldn't read the ruddy packet to see how long it needed to cook for. And the 9.00pm deadline was rapidly approaching. Eventually I got food in the microwave and staggered into the living room to sit down.

And after all that, there wasn't a power cut.

Today my legs are stiff because I pushed myself to get home quickly.


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