April 3rd, 2008

This way up

Here is the news

Slight false start to the week as I lost track of what days it was and when things were supposed to happen. I was expecting Vikki on Tues, sometime between 2-4. When I hadn't heard anything by 3.30, thought I'd call to check on things. I'd just dialed her number when I looked at the calendar hanging next to the phone, and realized I'd written that she was due to call on Wed. So when she answered the phone, I said "It's Tuesday, today, isn't it ?" - and explained my mistake. (She understood - completely) The good news was it meant the faulty tv would be collected Thurs, not Wed, so I had another day to borrow a replacement, and would certainly be able to watch The Apprentice, and Desperate Housewives.

So, Vikki called today, as we'd arranged. She'd phoned to say that they had a surplus of office chairs, and would I like one. As it happened, I do need a new one, so was most pleased by this. So she picked me up, and we stopped first at Tescos for a little shopping. I also took the chance to dump some plastic in the recycling bins there. We both got some stuff that was reduced to clear, and I got another bottle of their scrumpy cider.
  Then onwards to Vikki and Iain's flat at the top of Shirecliffe. It's the first time I've seen it since helping with the big move from their old place last summer. Very creative use of storage space, hangers, shelves etc. Living room and spare room are still kind of unsorted, but other rooms are looking great. Got the full tour, chatted, and chose the smaller of the two chairs available, which was loaded into the back of the car.
   Drove back to mine; Vikki carried the chair upstairs for me, while I wrangled my shopping. More chat and I showed her the photos I'd taken of their moving day last year, plus the Birdsedge fete/festival that we help out at in the summer. Vikki was just about to leave when edy_ and bonedancer came by on their way to Lard Club, to drop off a telly for me to use while mine's away. Thanks to R for carrying the telly up two flights of stairs to the living room.

So tomorrow, I've got someone coming to collect faulty telly - sometime between 9.00am and 5.00pm ("Between nine and five ? You couldn't be a little more vague about that could you ? /sarcasm). Friday is trip to Castleton with Helen, who's on holiday this week and was willing to take a day off from the decorating. And possilby the pub after, depending on whether I've got the energy.