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It don't work

Went to the Dev Cat last night, and joined astatine210and lord_malloryin celebrating Astatine's birthday. I celebrated with a pint and a half of the agostini cider, which was very good. I also took along 'Guillotine', and we had a couple of games of that. Tjose big tables at the Dev Cat are great for playing games on - plenty of room.

Woke up this morning, looked at the clock radio and saw the power was off. I was wondering if the Ulley dam had gone but of course had no radio or tv. I remembered the that clock radio takes a battery, and I even had the right size of battery for it. Turns out that the battery is only for short-term clock memory, Doesn't light the clock display or let you use the radio. Stupid design.
  So phoned soul_rider to catch up with news. She told me that there were rolling black-outs across the city and gave a number to call to find out what time my area was supposed to be powerless for. I tried the number and it was engaged, And engaged. And engaged. I was beginning to wonder what would happen first - getting through to the helpline or getting the power back. Settled down to do the Advanced suduko from yesterday's paper (which was surprisingly easy - more so than the intermediate). That done, picked up the phone and hit redial. Just as I heard the dial tone, I saw the display on the clock flashing. So got power back at same time as got through to helpline :)
  So now I can finished watching the CSI I was too tired to watch all the way through last night.

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