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7th Apr, 2007

Went out this evening to get veg from Beanies and whatever from the co-op. Since I was most of the way up Barber Road, I decided to visit the Dram Shop for the first time in ages. I found that they stock Kopparberg - the Swedish perry I was introduced to about a month ago, when I got two cans for my birthday. I rather like it, so I bought at bottle and swigged it this evening. As I was paying, I discovered they also had some English perry - ordinary perry and perry flavoured with strawberries. Didn't buy any today, but I'm going to try it sometime. Both English and Swedish stuff is marketed as pear cider, I guess because the manufacturers assume that no one knows what perry is these days.

On leaving the Dram shop, I was tempted by the smell from the Chinese takeaway on Commonside and decided to get tea there.I had a chow mein, which was rather greasy and uninspired. Shall stick to the Happy House and New Hing Wah in the future.

Off to Hillsborough tomorrow to help Iain and Vikki pack ready for moving house. Vikki was ill during the week, with dizziness and vomiting, and spent a day in hospital, which put them behind in their packing. Thankfully she's better now - possibly some kind of virus, but it sounds like she had a miserable time. 

Don't know how long I'll be out tomorrow (must remember to set video for Dr Who), but most likely I'll be writing Sunday's Star Wars scenario on Sunday. Possibly while watching the Grand Prix. Oh well, the players are due some xp, so hopefully I can waste some playing time on upgrading skills. 

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