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Panic !

Woke up this morning and reached for my glasses, which weren't where they always are. I can hardly see beyond the end of my nose without them, so they go on first thing, and only come off again when I go to bed. And I always put them in the same spot on the corner of the bedside cabinet. So when they weren't there, I was astonished and worried.
  I searched around where they might have fallen, without luck. Got dressed and dug out an old pair I haven't worn in several years. Gods, they felt ghastly. After some increasingly frantic searching (state of mind not helped by the fact I had leave and get to the dentist in about half an hour). I eventually found my glasses on the far side of the bed, about halfway down and smothered under trailing duvet. Relief !

The dentist's was very quiet; no nurse, and none of his other patients had turned up. I told him I'd had a slightly sore patch on my lower gum for a couple of weeks. He poked about and said my gums are in excellent health, which is good news. Still doesn't explain slightly sore spot. The other surgery he works at is Spital Hill way, and has been flooded and lost electricity. Once he'd finished with me, he was off to start looking it over.

Mum and Dad phoned just to reassure themselves I hadn't been flooded. They're off to London for a short break next week, and plan to see 'Mamma Mia'.


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26th Jun, 2007 16:23 (UTC)
My brother is nearsighted to what sounds a similar degree (far worse than me). One morning, he was similarly unable to find his glasses on his nightstand. My mother and I helped look, in his room and then all over the house, without luck.

Eventually, I opened the freezer to get out a frozen waffle for breakfast, and his glasses fell off the fridge onto the floor. How they got on top of the fridge remains a mystery.
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