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Strange yellow shiny thing in the sky

I went to Nottingham yesterday, with Steve and Helen. We were primarily going to see 'Cry Blue Murder', but opted to arrive early enough to do some sightseeing/shopping first.
As we were driving into the city, I spotted a secondhand bookshop. Steve had already driven past by the time I could tell him, so we decided not to stop, but to keep looking for the castle. As it was, we took a wrong turning, and ended up heading back to the bookshop. This was evidently Fate, so we stopped and had a nice browse in the shop. which seemed to specialize in sci-fi and comics. I got a random 60's-ish sci-fi novel, a Star Wars book and a book collection of Judge Anderson stories.

After this, we found the castle, had a nice potter around the museum, and a welcome cup of coffee. As the museum closed at five, we still had time to kill before the play, so we found a nearby pub with some very comfy leather chairs. We managed to be among the first to set up in the castle gardens, where the play was performed, and so got right at the front with a good view. The weather was much better than on Thursday. No rain, and even some sunshine.

'Cry blue Murder' is a 30's-set murder-mystery comedy, with plenty of innuendo. It's set at Sodom hall, and the audience are included as the audience of the play-within-a-play. The detective staying at Sodom Hall chats to the audience now and again, and had a good line in off-the-cuff wit. He also did some splendid physical comedy, and judging from his facial expressions, I'd say he'd modelled the role partly on Eric Morcambe. The whole cast (all six of them, each playing two roles) were very good, and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

It was a good day out, even though I was so tired I slept most of the way home.

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