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"Raindrops keep falling on my Shakespeare"

Yesterday afternoon, took Skiffle to the vet re her cystitis. Many thanks and hugs to mouschtiefor providing transport and company. Skiffle really didn't want to go in the cat box - braced her legs against it and said 'no'. So I turned her around and bundled her in bum first - not a lot she could do about that :) She had her first pill this morning, offered with a bit of tuna smeared on it. As Diesel was also present and in competition for bits of tuna, it was wolfed down, pill and all. Let's hope the next 13 pills go down as easily.

In the evening, went to the soggy Botanical Gardens for a soggy performance of 'Twelfth Night'. It rained heavily while we were waiting for the performance to begin, and rained a couple of times more during the first half. I ended up with a clammy bum and damp wrists, where rain trickled in up the sleeves of my coat. Need to adjust the velcro so I can make the sleeves fit more snugly around my wrists. Black plastic bin bags were the fashionable accessory of the evening.

In spite of the conditions, the players put on a spirited performance. The staging is very imaginative; a small set with unexpected boltholes for entrances and exits. Clever use of music too, especially in the duel between Anthony Aguecheek and Viola. The 'Rocky' theme will never seem the same again after hearing playing on kazoos. Malvolio's 'cross-gartered with yellow stockings' costume is hysterical and will linger long in the memory. All in all, it is a thoroughly good production, and worth sitting in the rain for.

Let's hope that Saturday's 'Cry Blue Murder' is as good.


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22nd Jun, 2007 10:45 (UTC)
Oooh, wish I'd seen that. I love that play. :-)
22nd Jun, 2007 14:21 (UTC)
See, it's not *always* easy to get a cat in a box.
22nd Jun, 2007 18:18 (UTC)
I did say that if you *want* the cat in the box, then it won't co-operate.

I used to help out occasionally at the Sheffield Cat Shelter, and one day was trying to put a cat in a cardboard cat box for its new owners. The problem was that every time I picked up their new cat to put it in the box, this other cat would have jumped into the box. I had to put first cat down to evict the second one, pick up first cat, find second cat back in box, put first cat down, evict second one, etc.
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