Gillian (san_valentine) wrote,

8 legged eeks

It seems to be that time of year already.

Last Friday morning I wandered to the bathroom in my dressing gown to visit the loo. While sitting there, I felt the belt of my dressing gown tickling the calf of my right leg. Having finished, I stood up, refastened the dressing gown, and looked down at the persistant tickle to see an unexpected brown shape on my bare leg. I shot sideways, shaking my leg. When I turned to look, there was a huge spider sitting on the mat in front of the loo. Yes, that's what had been tickling on my leg.

I didn't feel up to tackling a large spider in nothing but a dressing gown, so I called for the cats. Kuura was lurking at the top of the stairs, but by the time I pursuaded her to come down and take a look, the spider had vanished, somewhere around the back of the loo. Needless to say, I was rather cautious about using the loo for a couple of days afterwards.

Last night I was in my armchair, half- watching the telly, when I noticed something moving across the middle of the living room carpet. Yep, another socking great spider and heading my way. If it had been going in the other direction, I might have left it alone, but I didn't want it coming near me, especially after the last incident,  but I didn't feel much like trying to catch it and put it out myself. Kuura and Tycho was both nearby, so I tried to attract their attention to it.
  Kuura same to see what I wanted, as I pointed to it with the TV remote. The spider sensibly hunkered down, and Kuura merely looked at the remote. I cautiously prodded the spider with the remote, making it move a little way. Tycho had arrived and sat down, The spider vanished under his fluff. Tycho didn't notice and Kuura hadn't seen it move. I had to get Tycho to move, and Kuura finally spotted the spider. She patted it curiously. The spider moved a little, she patted it again and this was repeated a couple of times, the spider looking a little more dented after each pat. Tycho came over to see what was happening.
   He took one look, put a paw firmly on the spider and then ate it, as Kuura watched her new toy disappear into his mouth.

There's something very satisfying about watching a carefully bred, triple-barreled (Twinkletoes Lilac Teasel, in Tycho's case) aristocrat eating bugs and spiders. Underneath it all, they're still cats.
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