Gillian (san_valentine) wrote,

The girls are back in town

Yesterday I got the welcome news from my publisher that my latest western has been accepted. My 17th title will be The Sins Of Motherlode.

It's a follow-up to Two-Gun Trouble, and features some familiar faces. There's Jonah Durrell, the handsome bounty hunter, who again gets involved with Miss Jenny and the girls at her house of ill-repute, especially Miss Erica, Miss Sandy and Miss Megan. This time a new visitor to town is Hulton F Robinson, the tall newspaperman who appeared in Cullen's Quest.

There's the usual mix of humour, drama and action. I'm pleased with the story - I enjoyed the interaction between Robinson and Durrell - and I'm delighted it will be shared in print.
Tags: books, westerns

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