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Today (Wed) I got a call from Stacy, who was sorting out the insurance at the vets. She had sent information to the insurers last Monday as she'd said, but she'd done it online and not all the necessary info they wanted was included. I think she's not being doing the job long and is still learning the system. Anyway, she sent the info in the way they wanted eventually and Tesco Insurance have agreed to cover treatment. I got an apology for the delay. Now I need to coordinate with Gary and re-schedule the trip to Derby.

Other good news this morning was a decision on the new Fair Rent being set for my flat. This time the agents had asked for an increase of about £40/month, which is roughly what the last increase was just over two years ago. I didn't bother challenging it, but did some maths which suggested to me that the likely amount would be less. There's a complicated formula for working out increases in Fair Rents, which has something to do with local values, the difference in the Retail Price Index between the last increase and the current date, and taking away the number you first thought of. The Rent Officer has settled on an increase of about £30/month, which is fine by me. Now I need to get a letter from the agents confirming the amount, and I can go notfiy the council of the change. For some reason, the Fair Rent office were so enthusiastic about their letter that they sent me two complete duplicates of all the information, in two separate letters at the same time.


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