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Not much about Kuura

Tycho's been off-colour for a few days. He didn't seem quite himself on Wed night, and it continued over Thursday and Friday. I was keeping an eye on him; he was quiet and less active than usual, and didn't want to eat much, though he could still be tempted by wet cat food and chicken. Occasionally he seemed to try to vomit or clear his throat. By Friday evening, I thought he might have a hairball that he couldn't bring up.

So Saturday morning I called the vet and got an appointment for late morning. The vet found he was sensitive in this throat and though the lining might have been scratched by a hairball coming up, or he might have grass or something stuck in there. I left him so they could do an examination under anaesthetic. Lunchtime, the vet called to say his tonsils were inflamed and he must have been fighting an infection - which was not too bad. Unfortunately, they'd found a heart murmur and wanted to do a blood test to see if it was potentially serious. I told them to go ahead.

When I went to pick him up in the afternoon, he was fine. They'd given him an long-lasting antibiotic injection, so I wouldn't need to faff about with pills. The blood test had indicated that his heart was working harder than normal. They have recommended he is seen by a cardio specialist who can do scans to see if it's something that requires medication, or something that might only need an annual check up. Diesel had heart failure, and showed no signs of it until she had fluid build up in her lungs, just a few weeks before she had to be put to sleep, so although Tycho seems fine (and is younger) I know how it can pass unnoticed in cats.
  The problem is that my pet insurance company will only pay out if he is referred to one of their preferred specialists. In this case, it would be in Derby. He could be seen by a specialist in Sheffield, but I would have to pay myself  - around £250, I don't want to drive as far as Derby myself, especially not when worrying about my cat. The train fare isn't too bad though.  I don't need to make a decision immediately. He's going back for a check up on Thursday.

The week after, I take Kuura to the vet to be neutered. I was hoping I might be able to book that on a Saturday, when there will be less traffic, but they don't do routine surgery on weekends. So I'll have to battle with the rush hour to get her there for 9.00am. At least I should be heading against the main flow of traffic - out of the city on my way there.

Just to add to the fun of the day, I have a cold, so I've been getting through tissues at an industrial rate.
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