Gillian (san_valentine) wrote,

Kuura is settling in.

We had a nice trip up to Cumbria to fetch Kuura on Sat. We stopped in the little town of Kirkby Stephen for lunch on the way. It has a nice little shopping street with cafes, a sweet shop, art gallery, antique shops, a bookshop and a couple of charity shops, so plenty for us to take a look at. I got a hat and a necklace from a charity shop.

We spent a little time with Brenda before setting off home, with Kuura in her carrier, on the back seat beside me. We were partway home before realizing that we didn't know what kind of food Kuura was used to. Thanks to modern tech, we managed to find Brenda's phone number, call her for the info and find a pet shop on our route through Sheffield that sold the right stuff and check the opening times, all while on the motorway across the Pennines. How times change. It wasn't till we were nearly home that I realized I must have left my new hat at Brenda's house.

Once home, I shut the other two cats out of the living room, set up litter tray, food and water for Kuura, and let my impatient little cat out of the carrier. She came out at once, talking in whispers, and explored thoroughly. Then she climbed into my chair and explored me thoroughly, climbing my shoulders, rubbing against my face and behaving like I was her long-lost mother. I've never been quite so thoroughly loved by a cat in my life.

She was keen to get out and meet the other two, though the feeling wasn't mutual. She ran up to Tycho and rubbed herself against him. He looked at her in bemusement, then ran off. Kuura thought it was a game and chased him. For the next day or two, their interaction was mostly of my big fluffy Birman being chasing by a little silver kitten. It was so funny. Iella's first reaction was to hiss on sight and generally disapprove from a distance. She spent most of her time on the bathroom windowsill (a favoured spot in any case) and was a bit huffy with me. She did mellow enough for me to pick her up and have cuddles though. The hissing gradually reduced to just when Kuura got too close, and she was watching a disapproving from a closer distance. Yesterday she touched noses with Kuura.

Kuura is so pretty and soft and affectionate. Silver on top and white underneath, with a black stripe down the top of her tail, black pawpads and black lips. She's showing great promise as a lap cat, Oh, and I got my hat back today; I emailed Brenda and she promised to send it.

So here's some kittenpicspam.
Kuura curled in cat tree bed

Kuura on chair
Kuura sitting up on stool

Kuura on orange chair 2
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