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Countdown to Kuura

This Saturday, I'm heading back up to Cumbria with Steve and Helen; we're going to collect Kuura.

She's my new kitten - a silver Somali. They are the most elegant of the semi-long hairedbreeds, slender and graceful like their Abyssinian relatives. The fur isn't that long, though they do have fluffy tails. I've seen them at shows and found them enchanting, with something delicately fairylike about them They come in the same range of colours as Abys, browns, reds, blues, fawns and silver, which may occur with the other colours or on its own. I saw the most beautful silver at the National Cat show in October and decided that was the colour I really wanted. I spoke to a breeder who was there, Brenda, who contacted me soon afterwards to say she had a silver girl, born on the day of the show.

Last December, we travelled up to Sedburgh to see the kitten, when she was about six weeks old. As she is silver, I wanted a name that had something to do with her colour - something sparkly or wintery. I was thinking that I didn't want a third cat named for a Star Wars character, and promptly remembered the character, Winter. I hadn't planned to have two cats with Star Wars names, but once I thought of Tycho for my birman, I couldn't think of anything else, so it stuck. I made an effort for the new cat, and kept searching for ideas.
  Still thinking of the winter theme, I considered Frost, and went to Google translate to find out what the word was in other languages, to see if I could find a nice name. It turns out that in Dutch, German, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Icelandic, the word for frost, is frost. Happily, Finnish offered first Halla, and then Kuura (hoarfrost). As Steve and Helen have a niece called Halla, I picked Kuura.

Here she is with her mother and siblings: Kuura is the one looking up at the camera.
Kuura and family

It's Asha's 50th birthday party in the evening, but I explained that I have something more important to do. I have to stay home with the new kitten and help her settle in. Asha has three cats: she understood.
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