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Bye, bye, Beko: Beko, bye, bye

I've had two Beko cookers inflicted on me by the landlord or the agents. They were both poor cookers: badly designed and with unreliable temperature control in the ovens.  The first one lasted a few years and was replaced in Xmas 2015. The new one lasted for about a year (the brand comes last in Which's most recent reliabilty survey, with one star out of five). It had a conventional oven which cooked too hot, so had to be set around 20C lower than the recipe stated, and then it usually scorched the top of things. It was OK for stews and roasts, but you couldn't use it for baking. Just before Xmas it got to the point where something that needed slow, gentle  cooking for 3 hours was burnt after 70 mins.

I knew that it would simply be replaced by yet another Beko, so I suggested to the agent that I was willing to buy a cooker myself, to get one I liked, if they would pay for delivery, installation, and removal of the old one. He readily agreed to this, so after a bit of research, I ordered a new cooker and it was installed last Thursday. It's got ceramic hobs, which are more flexible than the solid plates, the top cavilty is both a second oven and a grill - and both ovens have internal lights so I can see how the food's doing (the Beko had glass doors but no light, so you still couldn't see much inside). The main oven is a fan oven and both have catalytic linings to make cleaning easier.

I'm looking forward to using a cooker that does what it's supposed to do and doesn't need constant mental calculations to get the right temperature/time. So far so good. The first thing I cooked was a beef heart stew, to share with Gary. Tesco had some beef heart in, rather randomly, and it was - not surprisingly, perhaps - quite cheap. I was curious so I bought some to try. The texure is like stewing steak and it has a beefy flavour, with a slight taste of kidney.


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