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The Outlaw Express is in town !

My 16th western was published at the beginning of the month. Outlaw Express is the third of the Sheriff Lawson novels, following Silver Express and Dynamite Express. The previous novels featured Alec Lawson working closely with his three deputies, but this one is more of a solo adventure. Alec is working undercover, passing himself off as an outlaw in order to persuade a dangerous gang to attack a train which has lawmen aboard and waiting. However, Alcott, the leader, insists on attacking another train; this one has little worth stealing on it, so the outlaws kidnap a young woman, Lacey Fry, who is aboard.

Alec has to rescue Lacey and try to get her to safety through the snowy Colorado mountains, while being chased by the vengeful outlaws. There are six of them, and only one of him, plus the young woman from the east, who knows nothing about surviving out in the mountains.

I was very pleased when I saw the cover, after being disappointed with the covers of the previous two Express books. Both of those were rather unattractive pictures, apparently set in desert country, and with not a train in sight, in spite of the titles and the stories. Outlaw Express is much closer to the mark

The cover actually shows a train being held up, which happens in the opening scene, and there are mountains in the background. There should be snow, but two out of three aint bad. And I think it's just a nicer picture than the other two, regardless of accuracy.

Oh, and Dynamite Express is to be published in a large print format, and more of my westerns will be issued as ebooks, which is nice..

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