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That's a relief

Late Sat night I was fussing Iella when I felt something like a scab low on her belly, between her back legs. On more detailed investigation, I realized that what I had thought was loose skin was a soft lump around a teat, which itself seemed more prominent than the others. My natural fear was that it might be breast cancer, which is almost always fatal in cats. However, she is in a very low-risk catagory, as she was neutered young and is not quite seven years old. Moreover, she's obviously fine in herself, and the swelling was soft and localised. All the same, she needed to go to the vet.

I had to wait until Monday before I could call, of course, I called 9.00 am Monday, but the PDSA hospital was closed all day for staff training - it turned out to be a new computer system. So after a twitchy night, I tried again Tues. I got through and made an appointment, but my contract had expired and I needed to contact the council to send current proof of benefits to show I was eligable. All told I spent 25 mins on the phone for those 2 calls, of which over 20 mins was on hold.

So today, I packed the cat and ventured forth into the traffic to Attercliffe. I know the route, and that I can handle the drive perfectly well, but the anticipation gives me the jitters, especially when I'm going to a timed appointment, and know that I have to park in a tiny and crowded car park. It all went fine, as part of my brain knew it would. The PDSA said they hadn't had the fax through from the council, though Iella would be seen. Luckily I'd though to bring a letter with the relevent phone number and reference number, so I called the council from the noisy waiting room. They said they had sent the fax, but I passed my phone to the receptionist, so the council lady could give verbal confirmation that I did qualify for help. This possibilty of this kind of thing happening was another thing that had been worrying me, but it was all sorted out.

We finally got to see the nice vet, who examined Iella. She concluded that the lump was just fat - middle-aged spread, basically. Iella was weighed and her heart listened too and given the general all-clear. I need to check the lump regularly, to make sure it's not sore, hard or changing size, but that's it. No scans or operations, no return visits. Just a big sigh of relief (from me and Iella). With any luck, it'll be about another six years before she needs to see a vet again.



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19th Feb, 2016 02:19 (UTC)

Good news.

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