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Hola !

Ah, the wonders of the www. I'm the bar of a hotel in Cala Millor, enjoying a hot, sunny afternoon, with plans for a dip in the pool later. Ven and I arrived in the small hours of Sunday, and we've been having a leisurely hoiiday, mostly in and around the hotel. We deiberately avoided the loud, nightcubby resorts and went to the east coast The hotel's clients are mostly older Engish and  and a few Germans.

  I've joined in with some of the games in the morning - air rifle shooting, minigolf and jacolo, which is a sort of shove-ha'penny type game. I did well in the golf this morning; I had the highest score by about three points after the main game, but there was a final for the top three scorers. We each had three shots and the winner was the highest total from those three. Sadly, I failed to score anything, so Violet won with 2 points in the shootout. I was disappointed, but at least i got the highest score of the main game, even if I didn't win a free drink. Ven was going to join in this morning, but she overdid things yesterday on our day out, and slept through the morning.

Yesterday we went to Arta, which is some 20 mins north of here. Ven wanted to visit the prehistoric ruins there. The site was in some woodland, and we had a wander round. While waiting for a taxi to take us back to the town centre, we made friends with a couple of lovely, friendly cats that lived nearby.  We fussed them as much as we could tomake up for missing our own cats. In Arta, we had lunch then separated to wander and shop. Arta seems to be a popular area of ex-pat Germans to settle, some of them opening shops. Very Euro to be telling a German shopkeeper in Spanish that I'm English.I got some nice liitle things,and met Ven to have ice cream before getting a taxi back to the hotel.

 Tomorrow is our last full day, though our flight isn't until nearly midnight on Sat, so we'll have most of the day around the hotel. I feel a littlle sad that we've not taken the chance to see and do more, but frankly neither of us has been really up to it. I've been to Majorca, years ago, with my parents, so I have seen quite a bit of the island, even if the last visit was 1984.

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