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Here's one I made earlier

It's been quietish lately, no cat shows and regular games nights disrupted for various holidays.

The weekend before last was the Sheffield Film and Comic Con. I went last year with rich_jacko and we had a good time. This year he found himself already booked to go to Bavaria that weekend, so I went on my own. I'd rather wanted to meet Billy Dee Williams, but he's not been well and had to cancel his appearance. Instead, I thought I'd call on David Prowse, and get him to sign a Star Wars graphic novel I had with a picture of Vader on the cover. We had a brief chat and I remarked that when making Star Wars, he'd probably never thought he'd be earning a pension from it by attending conventions like this. He agreed, saying that 40 years ago no one had any idea how it would last. Both of us boggled slightly over it being near-on 40 years ago that Star Wars came out.

   I next wandered over to the area where the comic artists were. I wanted to see John Wagner, who was one of the co-creators of Judge Dredd. The part of the event was very quiet, so I had the chance for more of a chat. Unlike the actors and wrestlers, the comic artists aren't there to sign paid autographs, so I asked if he was there to talk, sign, draw or what ? He answered all of the above, so he signed my copy of Judge Dredd monthly magazine No1 and we then chatted. We discussed how stories about atomic warfare, like 'The Apocalypse War' had been topical when written, and were now disturbingly topical again today. I told him that I'd had fun with the roleplaying game: he'd never done any role playing, so I had to explain how it worked and told some anecdotes about the campaign I'd run. I We had a nice chat about the series and I said how much I enjoyed the world of Dredd and thanked him for his part in it.

I wandered around the stalls for a bit, admiring the cosplayers I saw, and bought some small charms to make into earrings. I needed a sit down and a drink, but the straw had come off the carton of juice I'd brought with me. I asked a guy at one of the concessions stands to take pity on me and let me have an empty cup, which he did, so I poured the carton into that. Very welcome it was too. I had to sit and rest anyway, as the guest I most wanted to see was taking part in a talk on the other side of the arena. When it was over, I finally got to meet him - Peter Purves.

Of course, Blue Peter was a mainstay of television when I was growing up, and so he was one of those childhood icons you can hardly believe is real. I explained that I'd planned to bring one of my Blue Peter annuals for him to sign, but when I'd gone to look at them, I no longer had the 70's annuals of my childhood, but only the two 60's ones that had belonged to my older brothers. Both of these pre-dated Peter's time on the show. Instead I'd taken along the big book about the show produced for the 50th anniversary. I asked him to sign the section about himself, so he flipped throught the book to find it, commenting on what a good, well-researched book it was, and on some of the articles inside. I did mention Dr Who, which is why he was specifically at the con, as he was one of the first Doctor's companions, I told him how I'd been watching his first story on Rich's big screen, and how I'd recognized him by his voice. I also mentioned the little toy panda that his character had as a mascot - he remembered its name - and said that I'd had one just like it was a child. Peter was charming and chatty and it was quite awesome to have met him at this late date, nearly 40 years since he left the show.

All in all, it was a good day.



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25th Aug, 2015 05:58 (UTC)
Sorry I couldn't make it this year. Glad to hear it went well! :o)
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