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And we're off

I'm on my way to a week in Wales, with Gary and his mother, Anne. Vicky picked up the cats yesterday afternoon; it's barely a month since they were last with Iain and Vicky, so hopefully they should settle in soon enough.
  Gary and I left Sheffield this afternoon. I drove over to his place at Lodge Moor, and as I was arriving, I realized I'd forgotten to pack my address book and the maps I have of the part of Wales we're going to. Gary loaded his things and took over the driving - we decided to go in my car, as it's slightly larger than his and I wanted to take my wheelchair, so he's been temporariy added to the insurance. We diverted back to my place to  pick up a couple of bits and pieces, though I still couldn't find what I'd done with my camera. Finally, we had a very nice drive over the peaks in summer sunshine, crossing via Winnat's Pass, as the Snake is closed.

We arrived in Congleton, where his mum lives, aroud tea time. We've spent the evening watching telly, playing on our laptops, and helping his mum get ready and pack. Ann has a lot of stuff, including many pairs of shoes to choose from. She was delighted to find that I wear the same size she does, and I now have an extra two pairs of shoes to take home with me. We're setting off for Tal-y-Bont - near Barmouth - around noon tomorrow, with what promises to be  fairly full car. The weather forecasts look promising anyway.

Still haven't found the camera though.


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5th Jun, 2015 17:27 (UTC)
have a great trip and holiday! x
5th Jun, 2015 20:49 (UTC)
Thank you. We're now safely in Wales, and the cottage is lovely.
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