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A lively afternoon.

I've been looking out for a new TV stand that would fit better with the new look of my living room. Retro style TV stands aren't that easy to find, with the right kind of arrangements for a freeview box, DVD player etc, as those things simply didn't exist back in the 70's, when the style I'm looking for was mostly produced. However, I did see a G-plan unit on ebay, that was exactly what I wanted.

I started bidding on it, even though it was in London, and asked for quotes to have it delivered to Sheffield. Unfortunately, by last night, it had got just too expensive, with the added cost of shipping, so I let it go. I went back to have another look at the
U-shade furniture website. They are a company in Sheffield, near the New Barrack Tavern, who take retro furniture and colour panels. They also show their stock of unaltered pieces, as most of the work is done to order. Well, looking again, I realized they had a TV stand identical to the one I'd been bidding on.

So I phoned late this morning, and confirmed it was still in stock, and arranged to call about 1.30 to see it. After scraping snow off the car, I dropped in at Tesco on Infirmary Road to pick up some cash. While there, I stopped at a Cats Protection stall by the cash machines, and spoke to the very nice old lady, who was sitting outside in the cold to sell things and raise money. I bought another china teapot cat, to go with my others, and went in search of U-shade. I met Haydn, who'd dug out the TV unit. He was asking more than I expected, but we negotiated a price. I then mentioned that I'd also seen a set of dining chairs I liked on the website.He was asking more for those than I wanted to pay, but I saw he had some chairs very similar to the ones I already have. There's nothing actually wrong with mine, I just find them uncomfortable, which is why I keep that very rickety odd chair, as it is comfortable. I suggested a trade, and he said he'd have to ask his wife - the other half of the business. Haydn also kindly agreed to deliver the TV console, as it was too heavy for me to get up the stairs myself. When I went to pay him for the TV stand, I found I'd lost my purse. I could only think that I'd put it down on the charity stall, as I'd taken my phone out of my bag to look at photos of my other teapot cats, to make sure I wasn't duplicating one. We arranged for Haydn to call around 5.00, after I'd been to my Dr's appointment, then I drove back to Tesco.

Fortunately the nice lady on the stall had spotted my purse just after I left, and put it in her own handbag for safekeeping. She'd been worried about how upset I would be when I realized I lost it, and was thinking that if she hadn't had the stall there, I wouldn't have left it, bless her. She been planning how to return it, if I hadn't shown up before she left. I thanked her for her kindness, and popped into Tesco and bought a little net of heart shaped chocolates as a thank you.

From there, I drove to the other side of the car park to leave the car and go to Betty Tigers for my hair wash. After that, I went home and was hoping for a coffee before going to the doctors. However, Haydn texted to offer a deal on the dining chairs, and after a couple of texts back and forth, and firing up the laptop to check my bank account, I had to leave for the doctor's. I was in and out quite quickly, but then had the worry of getting back, as I'd had to park on Glebe Road, which is steep and still rather snowy. After a bit of a struggle, I braced myself for going down and was just at the bottom when the phone beeped to indicate a txt - which would be Hayden checking I was at home before setting out. I had to come out onto Conduit Road, but it turned out that this had been entirely cleared of snow, and was probably the safest part of the entire trip. I got home in a few minutes, and texted Haydn back to tell him so. My neighbour, Ann, was out scattering grit on the steep part of the road, so I asked her to put some on the pavement outside the house, to make it safer for someone delivering furniture. I also explained why there is a snowy sofa outside the house. Haydn arrived barely five minutes later. We swopped chairs - a part exhange, as I also paid some cash. and he brought in the TV stand, which appears to be lead-lined, judging by its weight - so I'm told.

So now I have to do more furniture shifting, but I'm done with dashing from place to place for today. And if anyone wants a black, wooden TV stand, with glass door, I have one spare now.


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