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Time off

After all the going-out of the last few days, today was planned to be a day of staying in and not doing anything much.

Monday night dinner with the Fieldens and Parkins went well, though there was alarm at about 6.00 when Vikki phoned to say that Iain had had a mishap at work. He was climbing down a ladder from the attic at their office, when the ladder slipped from under him. He caught the edge of the hatch as he fell, and hung on until work colleagues came and replaced the ladder so he could climb down. He strained his shoulders rather but insisted on walking home. After a rest and cold packs on his shoulders, he and Vikki arrived late, but that was OK as dinner was running late too.

My new dining table is slightly smaller than the old one, which was only just big enough for five. It sits four quite comfortably, but more is definitely a squeeze. After setting it up and getting the chair round it, I decided to improvise by adding my laptop table at one end. The tablecloth just extended to cover this too, and the overall effect was fine. Afterwards, we all opened our presents and left the living room awash in a sea of bottles and paper.

Tues was the Nightingales party - lots of good food and company, as is traditional. It was lovely to catch up with everyone post Xmas, though I had to modify my usual route, on account of steep hills and snow/ice not being a good combination.

Wed was about yet more food.It was the D&D New Year's Eve meal. There were ten of us, but as Chris has built a huge, oval table top to sit atop his ordinary dining table, with screw in legs, there was enough room for everybody to sit down and room on top for all the dishes too. Starts were some delicious home baked bread rolls (Chris) and assorted pates (Ven - homemade avocado, and Matt - bought fish pates) For the mains we had a pork casserole made by Asha, using meat produced by the community farm she works at, and a venision stew. Steve produced beef strogenoff and rice. For veg, there was mixed mash, roast potatoes and parsnips (Asha) plus cauliflower, mushrooms, roast carrots and onions and broccolli from Iain and Vikki. After a gap, we had dessert. Orange cream sponges (Chris), raspberry and white chocolate cake (Helen) and caramel lime pie (me) Then we went through to the living room, were there were sweets and nuts to nibble. Another good time was had by all.

This morning I weighed myself and discovered I've only gained 2lbs (so far), over the festive period. This morning I was surprised to have a new game delivered - not the Royal Mail, but one of those companies who use casual labour to make the local deliveries. He said they'd all got behind because of the snow, so were catching up now. Anyway, I have Colt Expresss now and very pretty it looks too. I've done some laundry and caught up on a bit of telly. I even did 10 mins on the walker. I'm out to Betty Tigers tomorrow, but really not sure if I'll get to the FFS. I'm feeling the effects of being so busy and don't want to overdo things.

Happy New Year all !


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