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"We've seen it in the movies..."

Not strictly a summer holiday as I'm going in September, but this evening I booked the plane tickets for my trip to America.

I'm spending the first week with Ron and Cathy, whom I've stayed with before. Ron and I are members of the Black Horse Westerns group on Yahoo. He lives in New Mexico, close to the Four Corners, so there's desert and Momument Valley one way, and Colorado and the Rocky Mountains the other.

I had a wonderful time, and Ron and Cathy were splendid hosts. What's more, they own a restaurant so we ate some meals there, and the home cooking was always good. They showed me around the Navajo country I'd read about in Tony Hillerman's wonderful books, which was amazing. As you can guess, I'm looking forward to returning,

The second week I'll be staying with Evie, who runs an excellent Star Wars fan site called The Wookiee Hut. She's been putting my Rogue Squadron fics there for a while and we've been exchanging chatty emails. As I was coming over to visit Ron, I cheekily asked if I could come stay with her, and she said yes. I didn't even know where she lived - turns out to be New York - midtown Manhatten, no less ! New York's one of the places in America I really want to visit, so that's a double bonus.

What's more, the air fare for Manchester - Albuquerque - New York - Manchester is over £100 cheaper than just flying to Albuquerque and back . Travel further and spend less.

Oooh, got lots more plans to make, stuff to do....


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16th Jun, 2007 01:36 (UTC)
Fun! And I love Tony Hillerman's books.
16th Jun, 2007 01:36 (UTC)
Oh and that photo looks wonderfully in period!
16th Jun, 2007 12:07 (UTC)
We had a lot of fun doing that photo. Ron looks splendid as a sheriff, doesn't he ?

You can get similar pictures done in studios in England, but mine was actually taken in Durango, like the sign says
16th Jun, 2007 12:04 (UTC)
It was incredible to actually be in Hillerman country, after reading the books for some years. Ron lives in Farmington, and the characters I saw in his restaurant were exactly the types in the books - white folkd and Navajo both.
We drove through Shiprock - and Shiprock itself is amazing. As we crossed the river, Ron pointed out the rough area where Chee's trailer would be !
16th Jun, 2007 20:29 (UTC)
Oh, that must have been wonderful! I must see check the library for books I haven't read.
16th Jun, 2007 08:42 (UTC)
Oh, yay! I remember how much you enjoyed it last time. I hope you have similarly enormous fun! :-)
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