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Family history

I'm in Norfolk at the moment, at my parents' house. It's Dad's 86th birthday tomorrow so we've been having a family get-together. My brother, Chris, who lives close to Mum and Dad, came over in the morning with his wife, Sharon, and their son, AyJy, so I had a nice catch-up with them. They brought a bit of food for later, and we were expecting them back after lunch (Sharon had to go to a meeting at the supermarket where she works). They didn't appear, which was a shame, but at least it meant we had enough chairs later.
  My oldest brother, Geoff, arrived with his family about half an hour after Chris etc left. There was Geoff, his wife, Denise, their daughter, Alex, her partner, Karl, and their baby, Cameron. So we had four generations together, from great-grandparents to great-grandchild. I've not met Cameron before - he's 14th months old now, old enough to be walking, almost running, and keen to know what's going on everywhere.
  A year or two back, Dad gave Geoff some old 8mm family home movies from the 60's and very early 70's. Geoff had these transferred to DVD and gave Dad a copy for his birthday. It was lovely to see them, and to discuss where and when they might have been filmed. There were a couple of Xmas ones, with me as an infant, and some from holidays before I was born. It was fascinating to see my older brothers as young schoolboys, and to see Mum when she was in her 30's (she was 35 when I was born, so I don't remember her as a younger woman)
  After that, I gave Dad my presents. I gave him a print of a painting of Littleborough, the town he and Mum grew up in. The picture shows the town in about the time they were children. After this, I set up my laptop to show the photos of Littleborough I took when I visited a month ago. I'd taken some of land where there used to be a house they lived in. It was the end of a terrace: Dad still owns the plot of land, but it's been used by the owner of the house next door, who has a garage there. I was there with Helen, and we spoke to some of the neighbours, including a couple who had lived there for 50 years - they moved in a couple of years after Mum and Dad left. Trevor and Barbara had replaced their garage two years ago - the old one was supplied by Dad's company, Taylor and Wild. Trevor had taken photos of it just before, and after demolition, and he printed out copies for me to give to Dad. He'd also kept the metal, supplier's plate with the name and address of the company. I took some photos of this, but he wouldn't part with the plate, which was a bit of a shame. It's a compliment to Dad though, that Trevor wanted to keep his souvenir of his old garage. Dad was delighted with the story and the photos, as well has his picture of Littleborough.

It was a tiring day for us all, with lots of talking and a small child toddling about and demanding to have 'Dinosaurs Love Underpants' read to him over again, but lovely. I helped Mum to tidy up afterwards, and then went to lie down for a good nap.


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