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Little brown cat

Diesel's been looking a little rough for a while now. She seems fine in herself, asking to go out and purring contenedly, but she's very thin and her coat's not as smooth as it should be. She had blood tests done last autumn for the typical conditions of older cats - all borderline but not worth medicating. So I've been keeping an eye on her. I've noticed that sometimes she's breathing more deeply than normal, as if it's more of an effort for her, but she's never seemed actually breatless, panting or distressed.

She asked to go out Thurs afternoon, and was lying in the front garden until I went to fetch her for tea. She came in, but didn't want to climb the stairs.I took pity on her and carried her up to the flat. When I put food out, she came up the second flight on her own. The exertion left her out of breath, and she took some time to recover. The vet was closed, so I kept a close eye on her. She curled up on the footstool - her favourite place at the moment - and dozed. She was still breathing deeply, but didn't seem at all bothered, and her breathing gradually became close to normal. It was difficult to successfully feel or hear her pulse, as when I tried, she purred too much.

Maddeningly, my 6-month client contract with the PDSA expired last month. To renew it, I needed a housing benefit award letter, dated within the last 6 months. Which shouldn't have been a problem, as they are sent out annually in April. I looked for it last night but it wasn't in the file - or anywhere else I could find. So as well as my worries about Diesel, I had to phone the council at a busy time.On the first call, I worked my way through the menus to get the message "All out operatives are very busy, please try again later", and the line went dead.

So I phoned the PDSA who first said they were booked up, then on hearing her symptoms, asked me to bring her in as soon as reasonablly convenient, and she'd be treated as an emergency if necessary. I then tried the council again, got put in a queue, and got through. The operator promised to fax or email proof of benefit to the PDSA (which they do if your annual letter is over six months old). I felt I was too stressed to handle trying to park in the small and often crowded carpark and so called for a taxi, bundled Diesel into a carrier, and set off.

A lovely vet saw her, listened to her heart (had to give her a whiff of surgical spirit on cottonwool to stop her purring) and checked to see if her thyroid gland felt swollen. An X-ray showed that Diesel has fluid around her lungs. It's most likely caused by heart failure - there could be a tumour in her heart, but investigating that could be risky for her in itself. So she's home, and on tablets to help with the fluid build up. She's going back to the vet Mon lunchtime, to see how she's getting on with the meds.She'll be on them for the rest of her life, which is likely to be weeks or months, rather than years, I think. She's 13 now, which is the same age Skiffle was when she died. I was hoping for Diesel to be around longer than that, but we'll just have to see. So long as she remains comfortable, that's that main thing.

Have a couple of recent pictures of her:
Diesel inna (small) box

A study in brown


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28th Jun, 2014 11:08 (UTC)
She's lovely; what a sweet face!

I'm so sorry to hear she's unwell, and hope the meds make her more comfortable.
28th Jun, 2014 16:36 (UTC)
Oh no, sorry to hear she is not well, hope she is more comfortable and stays that way for a good while yet x
28th Jun, 2014 17:33 (UTC)
Sad news that she's not well, but sounds like she's being well cared for.
28th Jun, 2014 21:35 (UTC)
I'm glad she's in good spirits despite her illness, and sorry for your worries.
29th Jun, 2014 11:10 (UTC)
thinking of you both
hugs xxx
29th Jun, 2014 14:21 (UTC)
Sorry to hear this. Best wishes to you and Diesel.
29th Jun, 2014 21:27 (UTC)
Poor Diesel, she's lucky to have such a caring...owner/staff/looker after. Fingers crossed she feels better in herself soon. xxx
29th Jun, 2014 23:52 (UTC)
Thanks for the kind thoughts, everyone.

Diesel's looking a bit better now. Her fur looks a bit smoother, and she trotted back up the stairs for her food today and wasn't unduly out of breath. She doesn't give the impression of being ready to fade away just yet.
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