Gillian (san_valentine) wrote,

My technology hates me

More troubles this last weekend. My DVD player's been having intermittent trouble loading things, My season 6 DVDs of The Big Bang Theory (bought used) were a little sticky to load, and made a horrible graunching noise when displaying the menu, which thankfully disappeared when playing the episodes.

Saturday, I got a brand new box set of the 2012 Olympic ceremonies and highlights, and popped that in the player. First disk wouldn't load at all, neither would the second. I tried a couple of other DVDs - some wouldn't load, even ones that had before, and others struggled. My copy of The Gamers - Dorkness Rising, an independently-produced affair that's verging on home-made, loaded fine. It even loaded without the unavoidable subtitles we'd had when trying it on Helen's and then Asha's machines at a recent D&D video night (as we had to have subtitles, we tried the D20 ones, which turned out to be brilliant - wouldn't watch it without them now).

Anyway, the disks were OK, and I'd made sure there weren't any cat hairs visible in the tray that the disks sit in. It seemed likly to be a problem with the lasers trying to read the disks. So I opened the tray, lay on my stomach in front of the player and blew into the opening a few times. Then I popped in disk 1 of the Olympics and it loaded and played perfectly right away :)

I haz awesum teknical skillz !
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