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A swinging time !

It's been a busyish few days, what with Edy's party, various games nights, trips to the shops and getting the painting I bought at the Open Up art event. By Wednesday afternoon I was looking forward to a nice, quiet evening in. Then at 5:15, as I was watching a recording of the semi-final of the Big Allotment Challenge, Vikki phoned. After the usual hellos, the conversation went like this:

V: Two questions.
Me: OK
V: Do you have any plans for tonight ?
Me: (thinking)*I don't really want to go out tonight. Is this something to do with the email Vikki sent round a few days ago about her singer   friend who's doing a gig in Sheffield ? That's on Friday though. If it's an invitation to a concert, I really can't be bothered* (aloud - cautiously) No, not really.
V: Would you like to see the Cirque du Soleil, for free ?
Me: (completely taken aback) Um..tonight ? Where ? What time ?
V: The Motorpoint Arena tonight, at half past seven.

Once I got over the shock, I said 'yes, thank you'. Vikki explained that she had two tickets, which a friend of a friend of hers had won via a newspaper competition in Hull. The friend of a friend, for whatever reason, hadn't wanted to travel from Hull to Sheffield for the show, so had offered the tickets to Vikki. Vikki's husband, Iain, was too busy with work to go out, so she called me. So an hour and a half after answering the phone, I was on my way to Vikki's.

After discovering there was a £6 charge to park, we set off in search of the box office in order to pick up the tickets. After circling most of the building, we found it, at the bottom of the support structure, not inside the main doors, as we'd assumed. Our seats were OK, somewhat to the side of the projecting stage. Vikki asked the people behind us how much the tickets were for the show, only to discover that both couples had won theirs too - one from Meadowhall, and the other from a Leeds paper. The specific show was called Dralion, and was amazing. The performers are made of steel and rubber. They must train like Olympic athletes. Watching them drop 30 feet backwards, to land flat in a trampoline, and then bounce almost as high again, amking everything looking airy and relaxed, was remarkable.
  The place was slightly less than half full, I guess, so after the interval, Vikki and I moved around to some empty seats that were facing the wall at the back of the stage so we could see a bit better. We spoke to the people sitting behind us, and they were competition winners too. It was a fantastic show, and we were both in awe of the performers. I hadn't really expected to actually go see the Cirque du Soleil, and as the tickets were £50 each, if we'd paid, it's not likely I'll go again unless something else lucky happens. There's something special about watching the show happening right in front of you - it's more immediate than a live performance on the telly, si I'm glad I've had the chance.

Afterwards, we went back to Vikki's (Iain was still working), had cake and chatted, and I got home around midnight.

Thanks, Vikki, and thanks to that friend of a friend of my friend.

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