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Let it roll, baby, roll

Well, it's been good and not-so-good today. I'm still getting over the effects of the steroids, at least that's what I'm blaming things on. Vision is certainly better in the left eye - I can see myself in the mirror clearly enough to do my left eyebrow properly for the first time in a month.

Less cheery is the stiffness and muscle spasms. I went to bed last night and it hurt ! Instead of relaxing, my back muscles cramped and took a while to unwind. Had the same effect when lying down to rest this afternoon. My hands keep stiffening up, so I keep making mistakes when I type, which irritates me. And when I went out to the local shops this evening, on the way back, my legs ached like I was walking through treacle. Still, it was exercise, so it had to be good for me, right ? And I was plagued by tense, muscular aches in my chest. 
  So I had a bottle of 5.7% Henney's Frome Valley muscle relaxant with tea, which was excellent.. It certainly made me feel better, one way or another.

On the bright side, I've got some useful stuff done today anyhow.

1 Took a load of plastic bottles to the recylcing bins at the Uni. The kitchen suddenly looks bigger.

2 Tidied the chest of drawers I keep tops and T-shirts in. Put the winter clothes in one place, brought summery ones to the surface, moved a couple of T-shirts into the charity pile, discovered a pretty summer top I'd forgotten I'd got.

3. Put yesterday's double batch of laundry away.

4. Worked on story of Express Westerns e-anthology

5  Made cauliflower and bacon soup - very tasty, and plenty left for tea tomorrow. Might add some grated cheese.

And the rain means I don't have to water the garden, and it's not so damn hot - yay !


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17th Jun, 2007 15:34 (UTC)

1: i read this as "buttons", and began to wonder...

- could i by any chance - just possibly, might i have stumbled into the muddler's lj?

then 3: read as "double scotch" - and suddenly, everything made sense...

18th Jun, 2007 00:38 (UTC)
Double scotch might make doing the laundry more intersting. Or result in more interesting laundry.
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