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So far in 2014

Well, the last of the Xmas decorations have come down and been put away this evening. I started by taking the ornaments off the tree on Sat. so the cats could go in and out of the living room freely. After about a month of watching them suspiciously if they go into that corner, I still twitch a bit, then remember there's nothing for them to wreak havoc on. The tree itself came down Sunday, and all the easily reachable room decorations. Monday I dealt with everything that needed a stepladder, doing it in stages and reading a book inbetween efforts. Tonight I removed the garland from around the hall mirror, the decorations on the hall light and remembered to take down the Xmas cards from the top of the big bookcase. Everything's now packed away on the shelf at the top of the wardrobe in the games room. I didn't put absolutely everything out this year, and I think I'm going to cut back a bit next Xmas. Less in the hall probably. I love it all, but I have a reduced amount of energy for putting up/taking down so need to be sensible.
Have just realized I haven't removed the Xmas decorations in the Sindy houses - still, that won't take as long.

While I had the stepladder out, I rearranged the pictures on the chimney breast i the living room. I hung up one of  the multi-picture frames that the Chivers gave me there (the other is on the landing, with pics of my cats, past and present). This one has various pics of friends in it. The frames are black, and I'd hung it beneath a string art picture on black cloth and together, they made that side of the chimney breast look dark and heavy. I wasn't moving the multi-frame, as I'd put two, carefully place nails in to hold that, so I moved the string art, then shuffled around other things until I was happy with the balance.

Other than taking down decorations and reading, I've not done a lot in the last few days. Still somewhat recovering from a light cold and the Xmas/New Year rush, I suspect. Need to get back to work on adding a page about Darrow's Gamble to my website, plus something about the Blakes 7 anthology, and updating the website in general.



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9th Jan, 2014 22:14 (UTC)
Oh wow! You've time traveled 900 years into the future! .. Civilisation doesn't seem to have changed much though.
10th Jan, 2014 02:38 (UTC)
I don't know what you're talking about !

*whistles, while looking for the edit link*
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