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It go boom !

Roleplaying last night in the Steampunk Darkest Africa campaign. The party are currently on the shores of Lake Tanganyika. We needed to get across the lake, but there was a hazard in the form of a 60' long crocodile. So being good Victorian explorers, we felt it was our duty to do something about this beast.

Its favourite basking spot was an island some 300 yards from the shore, so we had the natives build a hide there, so the expert shots in the party could take their time in aiming at an eye, which seemed like a potentially vulnerable spot. Of course, given the size of the beast, even a couple of rounds from elephant rifles through its eye might do little more than annoy it. And a 60 foot annoyed croc could probably cross from the island to shore pretty damn quick. I felt we needed some artillery, so my character, Laurie, who is an engineer, decided to supply some. I built a steam-powered dynamite catapult.

As soon as the hunters fired their first rifle shots, I let loose with the dynamite, rolling 20D6 damage, which was ace ! I managed to bombard it once before it got into the water, then again as it left the island. And of course, once it was in the water, the explosion did more damage. The giant croc stayed underwater, while lots of dead fish floated to the surface. Birds came and ate the fish, then other crocs came and started eating the dead/dying giant croc. We let them got on with it for a little while, to make sure the bugger was thoroughly incapacitated, then I fired another round of dynamite into the water to scare away the crocs so we could collect the carcass. 

Well, we depleted the fish stocks of Lake Tanganyika a little, but we got a terrific trophy. The party are having the hide and skull sent back to the Brtish Museum for display. Laurie rather wanted to keep some of its teeth as a souvenir, but settled for a couple of claws insread. Might have them made up into something - knife handles ? Sadly, I can't take the steam-powered dynamite catapult on the next leg of the adventure - it was great fun :) I've kept hold of the left-over dynamite though....


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12th Jun, 2007 15:51 (UTC)
Ah, takes me back to my good old 1920s Cthulhu days, battling acolytes of Nyarlathotep in Egypt. Happy days!
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