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Rumbled !

Diesel is pretty much back to her usual self, and I've been feeling more relaxed, especially after a good lie-in yesterday.

I was out last night and when I got in, I put out supper for the cats. Diesel wasn't interested and hadn't eaten much at tea time. She'd been hanging around the kitchen door then , clearly hoping for more of the good stuff I'd been treating her to at the weekend. I tried to get her to eat some dry food for supper but she just sniffed vaguely at it and turned away. It could have been that she'd eaten while I was out, of course, or she might have been holding out in the hope of getting something more expensive. I got her to eat a few regular munchies, alongside some treats, as I was still a little worried about her. I went to bed soon after, turning out all the lights and saying goodnight.
  As I was getting into bed a few minutes later, I realized I'd left my glass of water on the landing table, so I went to get it. As I opened the bedroom door, there was a furtive crunching sound. Sure enough, there was a slim, dark shape by the food bowls on the landing, helping herself to some dry food, as soon as she was sure I was in my bedroom for the night, and therefore couldn't be blackmailed into giving her the best stuff :)


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