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Keeping Mum

As I'm not going to my parents' this Xmas, Mum decided she would come up and visit me this month. It was quite an adventure for her. She's 81 now, and not used to travelling much without Dad, but he's too frail really to make the trip. I booked a room for her at the Hillsborough Hotel, and we sorted out her train tickets. She had to change once each way, and fretted about it, although Thetord station is so small she could hardly get lost if she tried. Kind staff helped her out anyway.
  I was a little late getting to Sheffield station to meet her, but we managed to find one another, and took the tram back to her hotel. The staff were lovely, and looked after her very well. After she'd unpacked, we went to my car, which I'd left outside earlier, and drove back to my flat for the rest of the afternoon and evening. She's not been here in 21 years, and the place has smartened up and been improved a lot since then. She liked seeing my home and we had a nice chat. I showed her photos I've taken in the last couple of years that are on my computer. Days out with friends, and holiday photos, and our street parties. She very much enjoyed seeing people, places and events she'd heard me talk about. I think it made it all a bit more real for her.
  I'd planned a nice dinner. I'd put a pork joint and vegetables to braise in the slow cooker before I left for the station. When I went to serve it out, it hadn't cooked at all. The slow cooker was plugged in and switched on at the socket. The fuse must have gone in the plug. I was most annoyed, as I'd been looking forward to giving Mum a nice, homecooked meal, afer all the meals she's cooked for me. She said she wasn't very hungry, though she'd not eaten much all day, and would be happy with just a cup of tea and a biscuit. I was hungry, and thought she should have something more substatial, so I got frozen, readymade paella out of the freezer, and we had that. Still, I'd made Ameretto mousse for dessert the day before, and we had that after.
  We talked some more, and I got her to draw up a family tree of her family, back as far as her grandparents. I don't have all the partners, or birthdates, but at least I have names. I took her back to her hotel at about half ten, came back, and had a fairly early night myself.
  I had set my alarm wrong, but as I'd gone to bed in good time, and my bedroom was full of sunshine, I woke in good time to have a bite to eat and then go to the Hillsborough to collect her. We came back to my flat, talked, and I showed her some of my oldest photograph albums - hard copy this time ! She loved seeing the old family photos, and the house where we lived while I was at high school and sixth form. I got her to talk about about her past and how she met Dad. Mum would go to the dance hall in Littleborough on Saturday nights and was popular because she loved to dance and enjoyed jiving (this is the late 40's); she was also slim and pretty. Dad was never much of a dancer ('two left legs', apparently). Mum dated his friend, but Dad set his sights on her and was persistent. When we called to let him know she'd slept all right and was with me, he said how much he'd missed her.
  We took a taxi into town, and met Krissy and Toby in the Winter Gardens. We all wandered around the metal gallery, then had an early lunch in the cafe. It was very pleasent, although noisy, and Mum's rather deaf. Mum was pleased to meet one of the friends she's heard so much about, and we happened to bump into Helen, whom I roleplay with and go to cat shows with. So that was another familiar name Mum got to meet, though briefly, as Helen was on her lunch break, and had to get to Boots and back. Krissy and Toby came with us down to the railway station. We were on the steps down to platform 8 when a platform change for Mum's train was announced, so we turned round and went to 5a instead. Mum got safely installed in her seat and we waved her off. K, T and I caught a tram back;  I got off at Infirmary Road to visit Elton and enjoy having my hair washed and dried, as I'd cancelled my morning care call because of Mum's visit. I was shattered when I got home, but it was lovely to see Mum here in Sheffield. She got back safely and Dad was very pleased to see her.
  Thank you to everyone who looked after her on her adventure, and to Krissy for meeting us in town



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13th Nov, 2013 21:39 (UTC)
sounds like a fabulous time - happy memories shared! :-)
14th Nov, 2013 13:22 (UTC)
It was lovely to see her, and to talk. I suspect we're both glad of a quieter day today, though !
14th Nov, 2013 17:25 (UTC)
Thank you for the lunch invitation! :-) It was really nice to meet your mum, I always find it interesting meeting my friends' parents. :-)
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