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Packing it in

It's been a busy weekend and there's more to come. I'll have to be careful to get rest, and not overdo things.

Gary came round last night. We ate sauages and mash - that's sweet potato, parsnip and carrot mash, with cheese added. We played a couple of games of cribbage, and then Match and Move. I lost the first game by a country mile, and won the second by a hair's breadth.

Today was the Harcourt Road Autumn Street Party in the afternoon. I was there for about an hour and a half, catching up with the neighbours. There was music and games - though I missed the tug-of war. Instead of the usual barbeque, hot soup was on offer. I had the vegetable soup, then decided to try the vivid pink beetroot soup. It was very tasty; a sweetish root, like parsnip. Much better than the pickled beetroot slices I've eaten in the past. I might buy some and experiment with the soup maker.
  A couple of people praised the written objection I'd made to a proposal to turn a nearby house into four flats. They thought it was well worded, and liked how I spoke of living 25 years on this road, and seeing it change from dominated by students, to more of a family neighbourhood, with long-term residents who looked after their properties and engaged with one another..

After I left the street party, I lay down and rested for half and hour, then got ready and went out to hear Lucy Worsley talk as part of the Off The Shelf festival. She was giving a talk about the British love of a good murder, in conjuction with her book and TV series. The talk covered much of the same ground as the TV series, which I've watched, but she was a very good speaker, and engaged with her audience. I was there with Ed and Krissy, and they came back to mine for a coffee afterwards. We got a chance to natter, and so them to see the new things since they were last there, which was to put up Xmas decorations last year. It's now about time to set a date for this year's decoration day.

Tomorrow evening is roleplaying at Chris', and Monday is a another Off The Shelf event, with Ben Aaronowitch, which I'll be going to with Steve and Helen. So, plenty to look forward to,


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20th Oct, 2013 01:33 (UTC)
I saw this and thought of you and Gary. :-)
20th Oct, 2013 09:18 (UTC)
Sounds like a fantastic few days, I saw the Lucy Worsely show and enjoyed it very much, I'd like to hear Ben talking, I hope you enjoy that!
20th Oct, 2013 13:57 (UTC)
Ha ! Zombie Cribbage -that's awesome. I'm quite tempted by it.
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