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I did a spot of gardening this afternoon. It was the kind of gardening I mostly do, ie. cutting, pruning and weeding. I decided I really had to tackle the saplings which had taken root. I love trees, but it's a tiny space so I have to be ruthless.

I cut down the ash sapling, which was over four feet tall. Then I removed two small elder saplings and something else small. The honeysuckle needs a trim, so I removed the shoots which had grown into the leaning hebe as a start. A couple of young brambles went into the bin as well. There's a lot more daylight in the garden, with the ash gone, and I can see the lungwort I planted a couple of years ago, which had been shaded by the ash. It's still rather small, and tends to get obscured by the ferns.

I didn't want to fill the black bin with green stuff, so I'll have to wait a week to tackle any more. I want to trim the honeysuckle back a bit futher, and I might remove the leaning hebe, which is getting rather ambitious. I also need to tackle the ivy growing up the front of the house, right where the phone wires are. I hauled it down earlier in the summer, but it's back again, I may also tackle the pots. The little fuchsias I bought in the summer have been looking rather sad. I suspect they need separating and potting into different pots and they're not hardy, so I'll have to find a sheltered corner and apply bubblewrap to help them through the winter.

After I got in, I spent a while removing grass seeds from the coat, and discovers a three inch split where the underarm seam of the left sleeve has parted. So I'll sew that up tonight or tomorrow.



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17th Oct, 2013 20:45 (UTC)
Wow. I take it you're feeling better?!

I have some leftover stump killer knocking around somewhere. Let me know if you want me to dig it out and bring it to board games at start of November.
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