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Walking on air

After thinking about it for a few days, and checking websites for prices, today I got myself an Air Walker excercise machine. It opens out into an A-frame which supports two foot plates with vertical handles like ski poles.You step onto the plates, hold the poles, and swing your feet back and forth in a walking motion. It enables you to walk in place, like using a treadmill, but takes up less space and doesn't need to be plugged in.

I think it will be good as a way of getting a little more exercise. It's low impact, as you don't actually pick your feet up, I won't be put off by the weather and there are no hills involved, which are difficult to avoid where I live. Hills can just wear out my limited energy too quickly. I worry that if I go out for a walk, I'll start to struggle partway, and end up limping home, in pain, and needing to rest and sleep before I'm good to do anything more.If I can walk without leaving the house, then that's not a problem.

I found one being advertized locally on preloved and after a bit of back and forth with emails, went to collect it this afternoon. I'm still not confident about driving so I asked Chris for a lift in his estate. It was just as well - I'd seriously underestimated how big and heavy it was. I don't think I could have got it in and out of the car on my own, let alone up the stairs. After a bit of thought, and reshuffling of items, I've got it in the bathroom. Setting it up doesn't take long, but is a bit of a workout in itself.

I've had a couple of goes on it, for about ten minutes at a time. I mostly go at a steady walking pace, but have done a couple of short sprints each time. I can swing the plates just by using my legs, or put more effort in with my arms.  I also found that instead of taking steps, I can pull on both poles together so it acts rather like standing up on a swing, which is fun and give the arms more of a workout.

So far so good. Must try and keep it up.

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