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The Dynamite Express is on its way

I've now had my 15th western accepted - Dynamite Express. It's the sequel to Silver Express, featuring characters who may or may not bear a passing resemblance to certain Star Wars pilots (I don't use the names of SW characters, or the setting: they are 'avatars', as used by some very well-lnown pro authors, so that's OK).

I started in late February and finished the story in mid-~August, which allowing for allowing for holdiays, and the need to pace myself with other activites, isn't too bad. Especially when I think how long it took to get Darrow's Gamble written. This one went much more smoothly from start to finish. It came in too long, as Hale have a limit of 40-45K word length. The first draft was 52K, so I had to do quite a bit of editing before I could submit it.

I'm pleased with the book - there's some good character work and fun dialogue between the action. I have to give some thanks to ceehoss. When I was staying with her in Morton in Marsh last year, she took me to the local market. While there, I picked up an encyclopedia of mass murders, and one was about a train disaster in Colorado of the 1880's. Basically, two goods cars containing explosives were released to roll back down the track and collide with a train waiting at a station down the line, resulting in a huge explosion. Like any good author, I immediately saw this as the basis for a scene in a book. Lots of drama and action there. So I had an idea about a murder (roughed out in the car on the way to a holiday a couple of years ago - I wasn't driving) and a great dramatic scene for the climax of the story, I figured out how to get from A-B and the book ended up pretty much as planned.

The Blakes 7 Anthology is due out in November, and Darrow's Gamble will be out in December. Dynamite Express will probably be out next September/October. I feel so productive !


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18th Sep, 2013 18:17 (UTC)
fantastic!!! :O)
19th Sep, 2013 05:52 (UTC)
Impressive production, I was looking at your books on my shelf last week and wondering if you were writing at the moment, will have to see if our tiny local library has them in stock (or more likely can order them in).
19th Sep, 2013 08:23 (UTC)
Congratulations! I'm pleased I could be a part of it, albeit in a tiny way! :-)
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