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Do Not Want !

Iwas going to be late to bed on Thursday night, but it ended up being a lit later still. I got into the bedroom and decided to push the skylight more or less closed. In moving it, I disturbed a wasp which had been lurking around the frame. The wretched thing buzzed noisily around the room and refused to fly out through the window. I switched off the main light, which was confusing it and opened the window wide. I had to dislodge it from some high places with the window pole and tried to get it to fly out. Eventually, it got itself stuck inside the shade of the bedside light, which was still on. I tried knocking and shaking the lamp to dislodge it, but didn't want to annoy it too much. Eventually it came out, and apparently fell down the back of the bedside cabinet. When it didn't emerge, I searched for it. I had to put the main light on again, and put slippers on in case I trod on it - even dead wasps can sting. I moved the bedside cabinet and looked behind it. I checked under the duvet, just in case, and moved the pillow. I checked as best I could round the window, light shade, beams, carpet and bedroom generally.
  Eventually, I closed the window - no wasp appeared this time - and told myself it must have flown out. It was way past time I was in bed, so I climbed in and went to sleep.
  Had to wake up in good time the next morning, as I had a care call. Got dressed, and Emma arrived early before I had time to do anything else. After having my hair washed, I went back into the bedroom to dry it and sat on the bed. Then I saw a dead wasp on the carpet, just a few inches from my right foot. It could well have been there when I got up and I just didn't notice it. I picked it up carefully, and it's legs began to waves feebly. So not actually dead, just exhuasted, or dying. I put it on the bedside coaster and gave it a quick tap with the hairbrush to finish it off without squishing it, then dropped it out of a window, rather than putting it in a bin where I might put my hand on it later, while bin emptying.


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