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Vrooom !

Got a phone call from Mum and Dad this morning. I'd found an OS map of Littleborough - the town they grew up in - in Oxfam, and sent it to them. They've had a lovely time studying the map, picking out houses they've lived in and other places. Dad still owns a plot of land up there. I said nect time I visit, I'd like to look at the map with them. It will be a nice way of learning more about their past.

Mum had an encounter with a policeman recently. She saw him behind her, with his blue lights on, but assumed he wanted to get past, and didn't take any notice. Eventually when she got home, he pulled into the driveway with her. Apparently she'd been doing 48 in a 40 zone. He said he'd thought her car might be being driven by a joyrider. Now Mum's car is a little pinky Far Eastern granny-hatchback. Not the sort of thing that any self-respecting joyrider would be seen dead in. And if anyone was so utterly uncool as to steal it, surely they'd be doing more than 48 mph ?
   Mum's excuse was that she'd just finished her WI choir practice and wanted to get home for a cup of tea. I bet the officer's report is going to make great reading :)

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