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Once again, with friends

Over to rich_jacko's place this afternoon to re-watch the brilliant and bonkers Olympic Opening Ceremony 2012, along with the Chivers.
It was the first full viewing for the Chivers, who'd been away on holiday last year. We all knew about the surprises, so didn't have that joy of the unexpected this time around. It was good to see it all again though, especially on Rich's big screen. This time it felt that I had more time to take it in, and appreciate the different parts, and the stories that were being told. It was also good to watch it with friends, so we could share it all We largely skipped the entry of the athletes, as that does go on a bit, important as it is. We did watch Team GB though. It was great to see all the petals for the cauldron come together afterwards, and the lighting. I thought it was a beautiful thing, and very much in the spirit of the Games.

It was a shame we didn't get to see more of the stuff on the DVD, especially 'Super Saturday' highlights, but the others went off to Kelly's barbeque. They're still there on the DVD for another time.

Thanks for hosting, Rich, and all the GB/Union flag decoration to help the atmosphere. I kinda forgot we were watching the torch relay on the DVD while sitting right opposite the park where we all saw the torch pass. I remembered seeing it, of course, just forgot we were quite so close to the spot.


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11th Aug, 2013 00:23 (UTC)
I didn't watch it last year, but caught up on a BBC 3 repeat a few weeks ago. I loved it to bits and was moved at times, they wisely cut the athletes walk past to a few minutes to make sure we got the cauldron being lit.
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