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Another Time is here

One of the things I remember from the house I lived in until the age of 10, was a picture. It was large and very striking. It was mostly in orange and black, and featured a knight and a lady looking towards a dragon, with trees in the background. It was very stylished, like something from a fairytale book and quite differenct to the other pictures in the house.

I don't think it was hung up again anywhere after we moved, in summer 1977. It needed a lot of wall space and didn't really fit with the decor of later houses. I never forgot this mysterious image and have tried a few times to look it up on the internet. Unfortunately, I don't know the title or the artist and the only descriptions I could give were too generic to turn up anything on Google. When I went to Norfolk at Xmas, I had a rummage through the stuff Mum and Dad don't have room to display anymore, since downsizing considerably over the last few years. There's not much stored away now - a lot of stuff has been disposed of in the last couple of moves. I had been hoping this picture would still be around, so I could at least confirm my memory of it from 35 years ago. No picture.

I bought Danny Baker's autobiography a month ago and in one of the photos from the 70's, he and a friend are standing in front of a copy of this print. It was reassuring to know that I hadn't imagined it all. I mentioned the photo and print to Mum and Dad. Neither of them remembered it, though frankly I'd have thought it hard to forget. (Mum's excuse was "I'm 81 !").

A couple of weeks ago I did a search on ebay for '70's art' and what do you know ? Two copies were available for sale. At last I knew the title and the name of the artist - Another Time, by Eugene Ames Baker. I dithered over whether to buy it, as it wasn't cheap, and needed a decent space to hang it. Did I want it just for nostalgia or because I genuinely liked it ?

In the end I bought it, and it was delivered Tuesday. Chris obligingly helped hang it and I'm really pleased. Yes, it does have an element of nostalgia, but also it fits very well with the decor of my living room. This has a 70's design touch to it without being full on retro. I now have a copy of this picture, my parent's Hot Lava floor lamp, a copper kettle from a family holiday in Tunisia 1972 and Mum's black and white china cat in my living room, which were all in the living rooms of my childhood. It's very comforting to have some of the features I remember from a happy and secure childhood. They were iconic parts of my childhood and I relish having them, as well as enjoying them for their own beauty.

Anyway, on to the pictures:
A full length shot of the wall with the picture, so you can get an idea of scale

A slightly closer view of the wall and ornaments on bookshelves.

'Another Time' by Eugene Ames Baker

I called the parents during the week and told them about getting the picture. Mum said she'd mentioned it to one of her old WI cronies, and Shirley remembered it in our house, even though Mum was still none the wiser. I suggested Mum asks my brother to see if he remembers it. Maybe I'll email both my brothers the image and see if they recall it. I'm just so pleased to have my memory confirmed after all these years.


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7th Jul, 2013 15:38 (UTC)
I can see why you liked it, and why it made such an impact on you!
I am glad you bought it! :-)
I had a similar thing with a book I read as a child and couldn't remember title or author... eventually Google search of the character named found it! so now have a copy of 'under the mountain' :-)
8th Jul, 2013 01:01 (UTC)
There always seemed something rather mysterious about the picture - the knight, in his black, Gothic armour, the woman with her swirling hair, the stark trees and the dragon, making a splash of contrast in green.

It's based on the legend of the Lambton Worm, and depicts the knight, the witch who advised him, and the worm.

For discovering the title of a book you now can't quite remember, there's the booksearch forums on Abebooks. They can be very heplful in identifying books.
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