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Unb'leachable !

Some friends are having a punk-themed fancy dress party in a couple of weeks, so I've been getting an outfit together. I bought a cheap black t-shirt from a charity shop. It has four applique flowers on it, in a gingham-type fabric (I couldn't find a suitably sized plain one at the time). So I've coloured over the flowers with felt pen and torn them with a seam ripper and frayed the edges. I've also cut a slit in the top of one sleeve and held it together with safety pins. I've also got some pyramidal studs to attach.
   It was suggested that I should make patterns with bleach - maybe writing something on the back. This seemed like a good idea, so I had a go this evening. I put the t-shirt in the bath, donned gloves and squirted bleach from the bottle onto my pristine black t-shirt.

Nothing visibly happened.

I tried rubbing the bleach in a bit, and dampening the t-shirt. No white or even grey spots where the neat bleach was. I waited, added more bleach, waited.


I tried a bit of the bleach on an old flannel - that immediately lightened. My t-shirt ? Still stubbornly black.

I squirted on more bleach, rubbed it in, and waited for three or four minutes. No change. I gave up, rinsed the t-shirt out, and put it to dry. It no longer looks so pristine black, more a black t-shirt that's been washed a few times. If you look closely, there's a couple of dark grey stripes and marks, but that's all. I tried to find out who had made the t-shirt but the marks on the label were badly faded - by the bleach. All I could make out were a few laundry marks, including the symbol for 'do not bleach'.

Don't bother bleaching, more like.


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8th Jun, 2013 21:03 (UTC)
Typical- the one time you actually WANT it to bleach...
9th Jun, 2013 05:52 (UTC)
perhaps just slice it up a bit more and safety pin out together?
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