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3rd Apr, 2007

Thhis morning I ordered Dad's Xmas present. Yes, I know it's only just April. Parents are tricky to buy for, because they've got everything, so having had a bright idea, I did some research, found something, and ordered it before I forgot the whole thing.

I've just re-read Murray Walker's autobiography, which is a fine read. His father was a motorcycle racer and involved in the industry and sport from the 20's through to about the 60's. He and Murray co-commented on a lot of events, and both loved the TT races on the Isle of Man. Well, my Dad likes motorbikes, and used to ride one, and has visited the IOM a fair few times and watched TT races. 
In the book, Murray mentions 'Sound Stories' lps which were made of some of the races, so I thought I'd look and see if any were available on CD. In the end, I found a nice book full of anecdotes and stories about the TT races: 100 stories to celebrate 100 years of TT this year. So having found something I think Dad will like, I went ahead and ordered it. It'll spread the cost of pressie buying, and the book's not going to go off between now and Xmas.

Star Wars game this evening. The party were breaking into an Imperial Shield generator base to blow it up. When the troops came after them, they started throwing grenades, which is effective, but slightly too effective. I want them to have a fight, not just walk over the opposition (which is why I strictly limit the amount of grenades I let them have). In this case, I provided the second wave of guards with grenades and bombarded the players in return. They did the job and escaped with some injuries.
  Now I need a scenario for next week. I quite fancy having them take control of/hijack a starship, something like a smallish cruise liner. I have to think of a reason why they need to do this though. Gary suggested the ship is one that has clearance to go somewhere, which might work. Will have to think about it. (and preferably before Sun afternoon).



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4th Apr, 2007 18:20 (UTC)
I'm all for buying presents early- it means you have time to find the perfect present for hard to buy for people and also spreads the cost!
10th Apr, 2007 00:50 (UTC)
Hi there! I knew who you were before I saw your website link, just from your cats' names. :-)

So you do gaming? We run a B7 RPG on LJ but it's been stalled of late because of problems getting people on-line to play.
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