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Book murderers

Went out to the local shops this evening, and as I was walking up the road, I saw a polystyrene burger box sitting on a garden wall I was passing. There was a wheelie bin on the pavement just a few feet away, so I decided to do my bit for the neighbourhood, and pop the rubbish into the handy bin. When I opened the bin, I found a book sitting on top of the rubbish inside. It was in almost perfect condition so I fished it out.
  The book in question is 'Lighthousekeeping' by Jeanette Winterton. Not exactly my thing, though I may give a try. I just couldn't bear the idea of a perfectly good book being thrown out with the rubbish and going to the incinterator. If you don't want it, is it so hard to take it to a charity shop ? Heaven knows there's enough of them around here. So unless anyone reading this particularly wants 'Lighthousekeeping', it's going to charity next time I drop stuff off.

I enjoyed this evening's Dr Who. I thought it was very cleverly written and the weeping angels were a very effective monster. Hopefully lots of kids will be frightened of statues for years to come.

Beanies has some lovely cherries in at the moment. My meals seem to feature a lot of salad and fruit at the moment. I feel so virtuous.


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10th Jun, 2007 00:57 (UTC)
Poor book. :( Hope it finds a good home.
12th Jun, 2007 13:35 (UTC)
Hello, I just popped over from your post at the MS community.

Is the book actually about Lighthouses, or is it just a facade for chick-lit?
12th Jun, 2007 15:08 (UTC)
Great icon !

Um, I've glanced at the book and it does appear to be at least partially set in a lighthouse. Jeanette Winterson writes arty lit - 'Oranges are not the only fruit' etc. So it's not chick-lit, but probably not a realistic novel about lighthouses either.

Nice to see you here.
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