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A busy weekend - Saturday

Up bright and early for the cat show, now moved to Jarrow this year. Helen and I only had a brief time to look at cats, then we went to Beamish Living History Musuem. We visited last year, and the ticket is valid for one year, so this was the last day our tickets were still valid for. It's a very big site - really too much to see in one day - if we lived closer we'd have been more often. Last year we visited the town; this year we went to the pit village and the home farm.

It was a lovely, sunny day again, like last year, which made it very pleasant to wander around. We didn't go down the drift mine, but we visited the miners' cottages, the village school, the band hall and the chapel. We had lunch in the chippy, which has the fittings of an original period chippy, with some beautiful tiles on the wall. They aren't allowed to wrap chips in newspaper any more, so the shop used cartridge paper with stories from Victorian newspapers printed on, as the next best thing. There was no cutlery, napkins or glasses; you ate with your fingers, out of the paper.The fish in particular was very good. They stock locally made soft drinks by Fenwicks and I had their dandelion and burdock again. It's got a slightly vanillary taste, rather like a mix of D & B and cream soda.

After lunch, we went up to Home Farm. The first thing we saw was a field of pigs, stretched out on their sides. It looked like some disaster had overtaken them, but of course they were just blissfully sunbathing. We saw shorthorn cows in the byre, and little woolly lambs in a field. There was also a nice cat sitting on the stairs of the farmhouse, overlooking the cafe.

We missed the tram back to the visitor centre. Helen didn't want to wait for the next one, as it was time to be getting back to the cat show to pick up Steve. We weren't that far from the entrance, so she pushed me all the way in my wheelchair. I did get out and push the chair up the slope to the visitor centre, as it was rather steep. Because I had been using the chair on and off through the day, I still had enery enough to do that. In fact I was a lot less tired and achy than I'd been the year before, so the chair really is a good thing for days out. We did have to leave it outside the miner's cottages, as they were just too small, but I used the stout bicycle lock I bought for it, to deter thieves and joyriders.

We had a browse in the shop and then made it back to the show as it was packing up. It was lovely to be going home, not just in daylight, but in bright, warm sunshine.

Another lovely days out, and I can recommend Beamish as a place to visit, especially on a sunny day.


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27th May, 2013 18:59 (UTC)
I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves- the chippie really is good isn't it!
27th May, 2013 20:40 (UTC)
great photos... but now I really crave dandelion and burdock... and fish and chips... !x!
28th May, 2013 06:37 (UTC)
Longrat - ditto. As a Durham lad born and bread, Fenwicks & fish & chips is home.
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