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Art for art's sake

Today I went into town to meet Ven and visit the exhibition about landscapes influenced by John Ruskin. We met in the Winter Gardens, which is a lovely space, and a great  place for meeting up with people, especially if you're meeting in order to visit the galleries.

It is a good exhibition, with good explanations of Ruskin's influence on landscape paintings and his fascination with geology. He seemed to be quite picky - he didn't want romanticized images of landscapes but he wanted more than mere techincal drawing. There are some very lovely paintings and drawings on display, including a large, modern landscape painted in Humbrol enamels, the kind used for model kits. There were also a couple of modern glass pieces, inspired by geological strata and forms. We liked them both, but one in particular was a lovely rounded shape that Ven described as huggable.
We were rather pleased by the inclusion of two film exhibits, as they gave us the chance to sit down for a few minutes. That one I preferred was a long-term project by David Nash, called 'Wooden Boulder'. He's an artist who works in wood, often living trees. In 1978 he used a fallen oak free in the Ffestiniog valley to carve a wooden boulder, about a meter across. While it was being moved, it ended up in a river and he left it to be moved by the water. The film was a series of photos and film sequences following the boulder over the years as it was gradually washed downsteam, being eroded by the water on the way. It halted a few times, sometimes for years,  and had to be given a helping hand on occasion, but eventually it made its way down to the sea in about 2003.

After spending a couple of hours in the exhibition, we went to the cafe for something to eat. We both chose the bubble and squeak, which turned out to be a designer version of bubble and squeak. The chef must have watched too many cookery programmes on the telly. The bubble and squeak was in a neat, round cake, with a poached egg on top. There were two rashers of bacon that were so crispy and sharp you could have poked someone's eye out with them, and it was all garnished with Hollandaise sauce. It was tasty enough, but it failed on the most basic requirement - the bubble and squeak. This was 99% mashed potato, with just one fragment of discernable cabbage.in my portion.

Still, we had a nice afternoon out and it's always good to see and appreciate exhibitions here in Sheffield. It's good to have places like the Millenium Galleries and the Winter Gardens.


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10th May, 2013 07:22 (UTC)
I must try and get to the exhibition before it closes!
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