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To the (B-) Max !

The standard 3-year Motability lease on my Fiesta runs out at the end of next month. It's slightly hard to believe that I've had it for three years now, but at the same time, it feels like a regular part of my life. I'm immensely grateful to the Motability charity that runs the scheme, as it makes such a difference on an everyday level.

So I had to think about what car to have next. I might have considered a Mazda, but they no longer have a dealership in Sheffield - the nearest one is in Leeds, which isn't terribly practical. I went, with Gary to have a look at the new Fiesta, as I've been very happy with mine. It all looked good, but while I was there, I had a look at the B-Max. It's a mini MPV, but based on the Fiesta chassis, and so very little longer. The rear doors slide open, and there is no central pillar, so getting in and out, of the back especially, is easy. The Fiesta's boot has a deep sill, so you have to lift things up a way before you can get them out. The B-Max has an adjustable floor: the raised position has a very shallow sill, which again makes it easier to get things in and out, or it can be dropped to create more space. The seats fold flat with the boot floor, to creat a level load surface, which again, you don't get with the Fiesta. And as there are no central pillars, the front seat belts emerge from a fixture on the seats themslves - this actually suits me better than the higher attachment point on a central pillar.

So I arranged a test drive for the B-max, and opted for an automatic. This is partly because I want the Titanium version again, and the manual Titanium has an advance price of about £200 more than the automatic. Also. my left leg is the weaker one and holding the clutch down at lights, or in a traffic jam, can get a little uncomfortable. It's not too bad, but things could change over the next few years.
  I've never driven an automatic before, so the dealer drove us out to the arena car park, where I took over. It's a peculiar experience at first, but after a few turns about the empty car park, I took it out onto the roads around. I had a go at a hill start, as I live on a hill so I wanted to see what it was like in an automatic.

I liked driving it, and all the reviews I'd read were favourable, so I decided to go ahead and order one. As well as the standard Titanium bells and whistles like automatic headlights, wipers, and folding mirrors, I decided to splash out on the option of heated front seats. Steve and Helen's car has heated front seats, and it's not just warm, but wonderfully soothing. I can extend the lease up to 5 years, so I'll get 5 year's worth of the extra cash I put into the car. I've opted for the Burnished Glow colour, which is a golden/bronze, with a black and tan interior.
b-max doors openford b-max

I should get it by the end of June. I like the Fiesta, but I'm looking forward to the B-Max



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4th May, 2013 04:09 (UTC)
ooooo shiny!
4th May, 2013 16:50 (UTC)
that is a lovely looking vehicle!
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