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Sticky stuff

I had a visit from Vikki on Wed. It was nice to see her as she's been back in America for so long. It had to be a flying visit really, as she and Iain of going back by the end of the month. Her elderly parents are moving house and Iain and Vikki are helping them, not least by helping them to dispose of the stuff they've hoarded over the years. I recieved a couple of items from Vikki's Mum's collection of native american things.

Iain and Vikki had brought back Xmas/birthday presents from their last trip. Vikki had found me a T-shirt with the slogan: Careful ! Or you'll end up in my novel. She also brought me some maple syrup, Amish-made raspberry jam, and a small pot of root beer jelly, which smells lovely.

Today, Helen and I went to Royal Leamington Spa. We were glad to leave the cat show and go elsewhere, as the show hall was very cold. The first thing we visited was a farmer's market outside the pump rooms. I got some lovely Cotswold Herb sausages, and some jam. I packed my bag and in it I put: a standard size jar of Apricot, Almond and Amaretto jam. and two tiny, jars, one contraining Champange Cognac marmalade and the other holding Rum And Raisin Marmalade. I shall have to go to the supermarket to get scones or something to try out my new jams on.


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24th Feb, 2013 21:45 (UTC)
Those jams sound delicious !
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